Letter of gratitude of Cristina Faciaben, CCOO Secretary of International and Cooperation, for the expressions of solidarity and support recived after the attack in Barcelona and the failed attempt in Cambrils

    Cristina Faciaben

    Cristina Faciaben

    Dear colleagues,

    On behalf of the General Secretary, Unai Sordo, and on my own behalf I would like to express our gratitude for your messages of solidarity and closeness with the citizens and Workers from Barcelona, Cambrils and all Spain.

    In this tragic moment, the solidarity of the European and International trade union movement is very important and appreciated. We are convinced that no act of hatred and violence can break the desire of all the people who live in Barcelona and Cambrils to continue doing so in a peaceful, free, and democratic manner.

    As you know, the two main unions in Spain have called on all workers to observe a minute of silence to show our solidarity with the victims and our commitment to peace, justice, tolerance, and democracy, signs of identity of the working class.

    We will send your messages to all the workers of the security forces, social and health services, transport, etc. which, in an exemplary way, have attended with professionalism and care the victims of the cruel attack.


    Cristina Faciaben

    Confederal Secretary of International and Cooperation CCOO

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